Day 13: I will wipe from the face of the earth

Read Genesis 6:9-7:5

“I will send rain on the earth for forty days and forty nights, and I will wipe from the face of the earth every living creature I have made.”


Think about that.

Think about God killing every single thing that breathes: plants, animals and people.

Imagine the silence.

Imagine you are Noah, hearing this plan for the first time. What would you think? Would you be tempted to think that God was being too harsh? Maybe just a bit?

We keep doing this. We think we can judge God and we forget that it is the other way around. God made us. He lends life to us for reasons of his own and he can take it away any time he wants.

This is a strange, radical, thought to us. We have this idea that we are independent, that we can decide for ourselves how we should live and what we should become.

But we are just plain wrong.

We are made: handcrafted by God for God. He doesn’t have to keep us alive. He isn’t forced to. He owes us nothing.

He can un-make us.

Does this scare you? I hope it does because this kind of fear is exactly where we need to start with God. If Adam and Eve had been more afraid of him they wouldn’t have eaten the fruit. And who knows what could have happened then? God doesn’t show us what might have been, but remember the tree of life? I think God intended something far better for them than what they took.

Is Noah afraid? I think so. I think fear helps him build that boat. He believes what God tells him. He believes that if he doesn’t build the boat, he will die along with everyone else.

But I think his fear is mixed with something else. You see, once I accept the truth that God can un-make me, a kind of wonder begins to grow that he lets me live at all. So, here is Noah and God has spoken to him, shared his thoughts with him. God gives him a blueprint for life: build a boat. Build it this way.

As Noah obeys and the boat takes shape, he sees the plan of God more and more clearly; and with a growing sense of wonder, he realizes that God intends to save him.

Fear gives way to thankfulness, hope, and love.

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