Day 49: “He was quickly brought from the dungeon.”

Before you read: Two years – two years! – after the cupbearer gets out of jail, Pharaoh has some bad dreams. He wants them interpreted but no one can do it. Finally, the cupbearer remembers Joseph and tells Pharaoh about his ability to interpret dreams.

Read Genesis 41:14-36

“So Pharaoh sent for Joseph, and he was quickly brought from the dungeon.”

I love that! The NLT uses the word “hurriedly” – Joseph was hurriedly brought from the dungeon.

It’s such a great contrast to the nightmarishly slow-motion feeling of Joseph’s life so far.

Suddenly, in an instant, everything changes: Here come footsteps. The door swings open and a royal messenger announces, “Pharaoh wants you.”

Now all is hurry. You look like you live in a dungeon – do something! Change your clothes. Shave! (Or maybe they don’t shave, but you get the idea.) The seconds tick by while Pharaoh waits until, astoundingly, Joseph is there – standing face to face with the supreme ruler of the mightiest empire in the world.

If it were you what would you be thinking?

I’d be thinking about me, how I mustn’t blow this chance. Seeing my whole life teetering on what I did in the next few minutes, I’d be panicky and desperate. I really think there would be such clamoring in my head that God’s voice would never get through. The sight of Pharaoh in all his splendor would undo me.

Joseph seems completely unruffled.

He’s able to communicate with God while standing in front of Pharaoh, able to put his own needs aside and serve the one human who could change his whole life.

Almost as if it never was up to Pharaoh what happens to Joseph.

Why, Joseph acts as though he needs nothing from Pharaoh! In fact, he gets so caught up with what God shows him of the future, and so concerned about it, that he starts telling Pharaoh what to do!

Like he’s not a slave at all.

Like he’s Pharaoh’s equal.

He’s acting as though it’s no big deal talking with someone that important, that powerful.

Like he does it all the time.

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