Day 1: In the beginning, God created

Read Genesis 1:1-19

This is the story about everything.

The setting is the entire, dancing universe and every atom in it; from the beginning of creation, all through history, and to beyond the future.  The characters are every living person who has ever been, who is now, and who will ever be.

You – reading these words, and I – writing them, are characters in this story. If you will accept it, this is your story.

Although I use the word story, I don’t mean it is made up. It’s the truest story you will ever read. In fact, it is the one true story that makes sense of every other story there is.

The author of this story is God, but he’s not just the author. He’s the playwright, the stage designer and builder, the lighting expert, the director, and even – in a strange way – the audience. In fact, he is the whole reason for the story. It begins with him, it unfolds in him, and it will end where it began – with Him.

This story about everything is told in the Bible; but it is such a big story, told in so many different voices, and mixed together with so very many smaller stories, that it can sometimes be hard to follow the main plot.

So I want to be your guide. I will give you a passage a day to read. We will start at the beginning and work our way to the very last verse of the bible. We’ll skip a lot of passages, but will always trace the main plot.

I will almost never give you more than twenty verses to read and then I will comment on them, highlighting what will help you see and follow the story more easily; and hopefully spilling on you some of my enthusiasm for it.

What I really want, what I am asking God for, is this: that he would explain the story to you so clearly, so vividly, that it will seem to have come to life all around you – with you in the center of it.

Because it has, and you are.

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