Day 5: “When you eat from it, you will certainly die.”

Read Genesis 2:15-17 (yes, we read this yesterday)

When we left off at the end of chapter two, the whole world was perfect.

Peace flowed between the man, the woman, God, and nature; while the beautiful river rolled through the beautiful garden.

It was idyllic. It couldn’t be any better, except…

Except God had put two trees in the center of the garden and told the humans not to eat from one of them.

Wait a minute.

Didn’t God say that humans would ‘reign’ over the earth and all its creatures? Didn’t he put them in the garden to take care of it? But now he’s telling them what they can and can’t do.

Who’s in charge here anyway?

Who was in charge of the Mona Lisa? Did Leonardo stop having the right to change her after he finished painting her? Of course not. She was his creation, right up until he sold her.

God has never sold us.

This is a very important idea. We are God’s creation and he continues to have ownership of us.

And he’s not done yet.

He designed and built the stage, filled it with actors, and gave them their first prompt; but then he didn’t just sit down to watch. He calls up new actors, re-arranges the stage, and writes new sub-plots.

He continues to create the circumstances that form every life story.

The director can, in fact, make the rules, especially if he is also the playwright. God’s rule here is simple: don’t eat the fruit of this tree.

Remember how he gave the humans a will – the ability to choose? The rule gives them a chance to use it. They can choose to obey him, or not.

Does God have the right to say, ‘Don’t touch’?

The tree is his, and the garden – the whole world; yes, even the humans: Adam, Eve, you, me – then and now.