Day 6: When you eat from it … you will be like God

Read Genesis 3:1-6

It’s hard, not being God.

Sometimes I hate not being able to do what I want when I want. I get frustrated when I have to wait – or do what someone else wants; and I especially don’t like not knowing things.

I like being in charge.

God made us ‘like’ him, but not as much as we sometimes wish. We’d like more of his power and knowledge. The first humans think so. When the serpent tells them that the forbidden fruit will make them ‘like God, knowing both good and evil,’ they want it.

Looking at the tree closely, maybe for the first time, they notice how beautiful it is, and how delicious the fruit looks. As they think about it, they realize they want the wisdom it gives, the wisdom God doesn’t want them to have.

The serpent is very crafty.

Notice how he starts, “Did God really say you must not eat from any tree in the garden?” Of course God didn’t say that; but by suggesting it the serpent creates a question about the goodness of God. For the first time the humans wonder, can God really be trusted? Should he be? He seems … mean. Why won’t he let us have this fruit?

God said they would die if they ate it, but now the serpent says they won’t. This serpent seems to want them to have wisdom. Maybe he’s the one they should listen to. He seems to care about them more than God does.

Any of this sound familiar?

Ever wanted something you knew God didn’t want you to have? Has it made you wonder about God: is he really good, or just a power-loving tyrant? It can feel that way when we’re torn between Him and the thing we want.

And the longer we dither, staring at the fruit, the better it looks.

“She took some and ate it.”

So simple.

She’s free to choose whether to obey God or not. God isn’t there holding her back.

He lets her defy him.

There isn’t even any thunder or lightning.

Who’s writing the story now?