Day 30: Flee for your lives!

Before you read: The angels (or God) go to Sodom where Lot invites them to his home and feeds them. Then, all the men of the city surround the house and demand that Lot send his guests out so they can have sex with them. (Yup, really.)

Read Genesis 19:6-29

This is, in my opinion, one of the darkest stories in the whole bible.

The men of the city want to gang-rape angels.

Blind to all that is good, they probably don’t know the men are angels, but that’s only another charge against them. These are men who enjoy the suffering of others. In fact, they seem to crave it. They are driven by a hunger to get physical pleasure by hurting others.

And they are pounding at Lot’s door.

Lot calls them his ‘brothers’ but confronts their wickedness. With his next words, however, we see that he’s lived too long here.

He offers the men his virgin daughters, suggesting that it would be less wicked to abuse them than the guests.

I shudder.

God acts.

I like God’s way better.

He has seen enough. The angels, like action heroes, hit the men with blindness and urge Lot and his family to leave – but they are stupidly slow. Finally, the angels physically drag the family out of town.

And fire falls from the sky.

Can you even imagine?

Far off stands Abraham, looking out over the smoking plain. “God … remembered Abraham and … brought Lot out…”

I don’t like Lot, and I don’t see why God saved him. But God tells us he did it because of Abraham, who pleaded for the righteous people. He’s doing what he promised: making Abraham to be a blessing.

Lot was tainted by sin and too attached to what God hated; but God saved him because of Abraham.

God does that sometimes: saves someone because of someone else.

When I look at my own life I realize what a good thing that is.