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“By now, you should be teachers” writes Paul, as if anyone over time ought to become one. As if everyone should.

I dunno.

But I feel I should share some things I’ve learned about reading the Bible, since I’ve been doing it for decades, and since it’s brought me joy.

So I am.

This is how I’m doing it, by guiding readers through the Story one day at a time, sharing my thoughts along the way and showing how it all ties together and makes sense.

I’m doing this for people who wish they loved their Bibles more, hoping that by sharing my enthusiasm it will catch.

I’m doing it for people who don’t really love to read, and for those who are put off by the bigness and strangeness of the Bible.

I’m taking a big, huge, project – reading the Whole Bible – and breaking it into bite-sized pieces; making it manageable and, I really hope, fun.

I’m not an expert. Some of the things I say will be wrong and I want you to know that. I don’t speak as an authority but as a friend, and my goal isn’t to teach you everything that is true about God or His word. It’s just to introduce you to Him in it and trust that you and He can take it from there.

I’m doing this for me, too. It’s my thing. It makes me happy.

This is how it works: you find the menu at the top and go to Day 1 and do what it says. It will tell you to read some verses (I try to keep it under 20) and then read me.  The next day you do the same thing but with Day 2 – and so on.

Pretty simple.

Until it’s finished – which may take years – I’ll keep adding new pages. Right now, while I’ve got a bunch pre-written, I’ll post daily Monday through Friday and give us the weekends to catch up.

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Enough talk.

Let’s start.